Diane Atchison, president of DPA

  Diane has over 15 years experience in the MDS process.

  She is AANAC certified in MDS 3.0 & RUG IV

Welcome, I'm Diane Atchinson
President of DPA Associates, Inc.

DPA Associates, Inc, is a nationally active health care consulting and education corporation that assists long term care providers with operations and management including:

  • Transitional/short stay unit design & clinical implementation
  • Medicare & RUG IV audits
  • MDS 3.0 education for both administrative & direct care staff
  • Mock survey with a QIS focus
  • Restorative nursing program design & implementation
  • Nurse leadership in resident centered care
  • Medicaid RUG usage & case mix
  • RUG IV changes - EOT, EOT-R, COT,SOT, Medicare A discharge assessment and section GG completion
  • Care Planning & CAA reviews
  • Interact program implementation and reviews
  • Quality Measures-how does this impact your 5 STAR levels
  • CMS initiative regarding dementia, behaviors and anti psychotic medication use-how to review and decrease usage including intervention discussions
  • Interim Director of Nursing-Kansas City Area
  • Triple check process-education and review
  • QAPI-how to get started, process and outcomes
  • MDS and dementia focused surveys(2016)

Questions, education and consulting are available to you and your staff. Let us know what you need in order to enhance your quality of care in a cost effective way.